About Us

Who We Are and What We Do

The American Pit BBQ Co. bring you the great flavours of the US deep south. We offer authentic recipes from the Pit Masters of the USA (many of them US BBQ Competition winners).

Pork, Beef & Chicken cooked 'Real Slow' over a wood fire pit infusing that spicy wood smoke flavour. Then served with authentic recipe sauces and side dishes, all producing that unique taste of real American Pit BBQ... to enhance YOUR special event.

We are also influenced by Mexican cuisine, and incorporate elements of this into our food such as our Potato Salad and Pico de Gallo. Pit BBQ is 'simple honest' food, its roots from when man first lit a fire to cook food, we aim not mess it up. Its all about Meat, Fire, Smoke and Flavour.

The 'Pitmaster' is professional Chef and APBCo. are members of NCASS (Nationwide Caterers Association) and follow their Codes of Practice and Due Diligence System as well as carrying Public Liability insurance.

ALL our staff are trained in Food Handling Hygiene to at least level 2 and the Pitmaster to Level 3.

Your in safe hands!


Just so you know, for both public or private events we can serve BBQ inside or outside. However, for safety reasons we prefer to use our gazebo and must grill and smoke externally. Take a look at our two menu’s and decide your favourites...

What Space Do We Need?

  • 3m x 6m space to erect the gazebo which can be butted up against a building or door to give access from inside.
  • We also carry a 4.5m x 4.5m domed 'Event Shelter' which is useful outdoors for that little extra weather protection or shade.
  • We can also bring 2 other 3m x 3m gazebos for shelters if needed.

    If there is a kitchen available at your venue then we would like to use it, but we can be totally self-contained having set up in woods, fields, farm yards and even a nuclear bunker!

What Else Do I Need to Know?
If you’d prefer to use your own tableware that’s not a problem, however we do supply Eco-friendly disposable tableware that saves up on all that cleaning. We can arrange crockery hire if needed, including collection, lay-up, wash up and return.


Private Events:
The American Pit BBQ Co. comes completely self-sufficient supplying all food (including children’s & veggie options), transport, set up, staff, service throughout, disposable cutlery/crockery as well as all insurances & certifications.

Your event is enhanced by our eye catching servery (set up either indoors or outdoors) and a team that will engage and banter with your guests, adding to the fun of the celebration.

We can even bring our own generators if power is not readily available

The way we work is simple: Selecting from our 'Street Food Menu' or our 'BBQ Cook Off Menu' choose 3 main dishes ( we suggest Pork, Beef & Chicken...) and 3 Side dishes, which we then prepare beforehand and bring on the day.

These dishes are offered to your guests either in a bun (GF option also), over Fries or Nachos then topped with a range of sauces, pickles and accompaniments. So... 3 choices of main meal (includes vegetarian option)

…+ 3 choices of side dishes,
…+ 3 choices of how it's served,
... so much variety for your guests!

For this, our minimum 'all inclusive' fee, which includes, production, transport to site, servery set up and full attended service including all disposable crockery etc. is £1200 which INCLUDES up to 130 Adult meals (Covers, plus or minus 15%) Children get to eat from our ‘Kids Menu’ for free.

We also can provide Canapes, Cream Teas and tailor our Menu for table served sharing platters as well as providing desserts such as Cheesecake selection and Brownies and cream.

As a guide, plan on a service time of 3hrs to ensure everyone can enjoy a comfortable service style.

We always bring a Vegetarian option (sufficient for around 5% of your guest numbers as a rule) and, with warning, can accommodate Vegans and other groups with dietary restrictions.

However, from our experience of 'Paid for Events' guests like eat their way through our menu, some returning 4-5 times. This, as you might imagine, plays havoc with our planning as we never want to run out of food. So, when we have reached our planned number of meals, we will let you know so you can then decide how we proceed.

One solution is a simple token system which we can supply, to ensure all your guests get fed before the ‘Seconds’ start.

Of course, we can cater for more than 130 (700 being our largest event to date...) so for budgeting purposes allow £5 per person after the 130 thereafter.

When we finally agree the menu etc. we will send you our written ‘Understanding & Proposal’ document. When your happy, then we will raise an invoice against which we will ask you to pay a 25% deposit to secure the date. The balance will be due, latest, 3 weeks before the event.

We will take changes up to a week prior to the Event date and are happy to take stage payments if that suits your budgeting style

When we finally agree the written Understanding & Proposal we send you, we will ask for a 25% deposit to secure the date. The balance will be payable latest 2 weeks before the event. We will take changes up to a week prior to the Event date and are happy to take stage payments up to the event if that suits your budgeting style.

What Next?
It would be great to have a quick informal chat with you to get your ideas. When we better understand what you are looking for we can then submit that ‘Understanding & Proposal’ document which confirms everything we discuss and provides a point of reference and ‘Peace of Mind’ for both of us in that we have covered everything.

Let us know your best contact number and email address so we may contact you for that initial chat.

Also, take a look at our Testimonials on this site or on the ‘Add To Event ‘website.