About Us

Who We Are and What We Do

The American Pit BBQ Co. bring you the great flavours of the US deep south. We offer authentic recipes from the Pit Masters of the USA (many of them US BBQ Competition winners).

Pork, Beef & Chicken cooked 'Real Slow' over a wood fire pit infusing that spicy wood smoke flavour. Then served with authentic recipe sauces and side dishes, all producing that unique taste of real American Pit BBQ... to enhance YOUR special event.

We are also influenced by Mexican cuisine, and incorporate elements of this into our food such as our Potato Salad and Pico de Gallo. Pit BBQ is 'simple honest' food, its roots from when man first lit a fire to cook food, we aim not mess it up. Its all about Meat, Fire, Smoke and Flavour.

The 'Pitmaster' is professional Chef and APBCo. are members of NCASS (Nationwide Caterers Association) and follow their Codes of Practice and Due Diligence System as well as carrying Public Liability insurance.

ALL our staff are trained in Food Handling Hygiene to at least level 2 and the Pitmaster to Level 3.

Your in safe hands!


Just so you know, for any public or private events we can serve BBQ inside or outside. However, for safety reasons we prefer to use our gazebo and must grill and smoke externally. Take a look at our menu and decide your favourites...

What Space Do We Need?

  • 3m x 3m space to erect the gazebo which can be butted up against a building or door to give access from inside.
  • We also carry a 4.5m x 4.5m domed 'Event Shelter' which is useful outdoors for that little extra weather protection or shade.

What Else Do I Need To Know?
To further prep our tasty BBQ morsels, we'll like access to your kitchen (if available), but don’t panic, we promise to keep it clean!

If you’d prefer to use your own tableware that’s not a problem, however we do supply Eco-friendly disposable tableware that saves up on all that cleaning.


Private Events:
The American Pit BBQ Co. provides an eye catching servery and a team that will Engage with your guests, adding to the fun of the celebration. We are versatile in the way we operate, cooking and serving either outside in a ‘Street Food’ style from one or more of our 3m x 3m Pop up Gazebos, or we can set up a similar theme indoors. We come completely self sufficient if power is not available. Including all disposable crockery, cutlery & sauces .

The way we work is to give you a choice of 3 mains dishes of your choice from our Menu and a further 3 Salads or Side dishes which we will then prepare and bring for your guests on the day. Prairie Fries are ALWAYS offered as an accompaniment with all our meals (which has become SO popular... who can resist a portion of crispy Fries?)

These dishes are then offered either In a bun, a tortilla cone or over our Prairie Fries or Nachos then topped with a range of sauces, pickles and accompaniments, which we always bring, So, plenty of choice for your guests.

For this our minimum starting fee is £1200, which includes service for 120 covers (plus or minus 15%) over a service time of 2.5hrs as standard.

From our our experience, when its a 'paid for event' some guests will 'eat their way through' our menu, some even returning 4-5 times, which plays havoc with our planning and budgeting, as you might imagine. So, when we have reached the planned number of meals, we will let you know so you can then decide how we proceed. We can offer a simple token system,if you wish, and to ensure all your guests get fed before the 'Seconds' start. (Please note... we have never run out of food for your guests!)

Of course, we can cater for more than 120 (450 being our largest one day event to date...) so for budgeting purposes allow £6 per meal thereafter.

When we finally agree the written Understanding & Proposal we send you, we will will ask for a 25% deposit to secure the date. The balance will be payable latest 2 weeks before the event. We will take changes up to a week prior to the Event date and are happy to take stage payments up to the event if that suits your budgeting style.

What Next?
It would be great to have a quick informal chat with you to get your ideas. When we better understand what you are looking for we can then submit our ‘Understanding & Proposal’ document which confirms everything we discuss and provides a point of reference and ‘Peace of Mind ‘ for both of us that we have covered everything.

Let us know your best contact number and email address so we may contact you for that initial chat. Also, take a look at our Testimonials on the ‘Add To Event ‘website.

Speak soon...

Public Events:
Each Event Organiser have their own requirements, but we prefer to work as follows, and in this order, either:

  • Percentage of our Event 'income'
  • Negotiate an agreeable pitch price.
  • You tell us the pitch fee
  • We negotiate a suitable pitch fee.

Following NCASS guide lines, we need to know the following data from any Event Organiser for us to set a suitable pitch fee:

  • The number of Visitors expected.
  • The number of Food Vendors allowed at the Event.
  • How many of those Vendors will be GP (burgers, chips etc.) Vendors.
  • Is there a Site Layout?
  • Do you have an Agreement document? ( because we have if not... ;-)