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The American Pit BBQ Co.

Thank you for your interested in our Cuisine, now let us give you a proposal for your special event. Whilst we can easily do ‘traditional’, how about something different?

Who We Are...
As professional Chefs we have years of experience up including Head Chef positions in Restaurant, Contract Catering, Banqueting and Hospitality and recently the emerging modern ‘Street Food’ & Festival style trends, that is how our event catering business was born, ‘The American Pit BBQ Co.’

What We Do...
We provide an ‘eye catching’ totally self-contained Street Food style servery and a team that will 'banter' with your guests, all adding to the fun of the celebration.

We are versatile in operation, cooking & serving ‘outside’ events in either ‘Street Food’ Festival style from one or two of our themed 3m x 3m Pop Up Gazebos, complete with our own generator for power. We can cook in the middle of a field or forest (as we have done…!)


… we can set up indoors providing shared Meat platters with salads and breads etc. From our prep kitchen in North Worcestershire, we work throughout the country, we prefer to stay around 50 miles from base.

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The American Pit BBQ Co.

Meat, Fire, Smoke & Flavour.
The American Pit BBQ Co. brings you authentic smoke pit BBQ taste.

How We Work

The American Pit BBQ Co. comes completely self sufficient including all disposables, sauces as well as Staff, transport, Insurance etc. You get an eye catching server and a team that will engage with your guests, adding to the fun of the celebration. We will even bring our own generators if power is not readily available.

The way we work is you choose 3 main dishes from our Menu and 3 Salads or Side dishes which we then prepare for your guests on the day.
Prairie Fries are ALWAYS offered as an accompaniment with all our meals (who can resist a portion of crispy fries?)

These dishes are then offered either in a bun, in a tortilla cone, over Fries or Nachos then topped with a range of sauces, pickles and accompaniments, which we always bring, so… plenty of choice for your guests.

Our standard service time is 2.5 hrs for 120 covers to be comfortable for your guests.

From our experience of ‘Paid for Events’ some guests will eat their way through our menu, some returning 4-5 times. This, as you might imagine, plays havoc with our planning as we never want to run out of food.

So, when we have reached your planned number of meals, we will let you know so you can then decide how we proceed. One solution is a simple token system which we will supply, to ensure all your guests get feed before the ‘Second’ start.

Of course, we can cater for more than 120 (700 being our largest to date…) so for budgeting purposes allow £6 per meal thereafter.

When we finally agree the menu etc. we send you a writing Understanding & Proposal. A 25% deposit then secures the date. The balance will be payable latest 2 weeks before the events. We will take changes up to a week prior and are happy to take stage payments if that suits you budgeting style.

What next?
It would be great to have a quick informal chat with you to get your ideas. When we better understand what you are looking for we can then submit our ‘Proposal’ which confirms everything we discuss and provide a point of reference and ‘Peace of Mind’ for both of us.. that we have covered everything!

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