Street Food

Street Food

Our ‘3x3’ is proving a very popular solution, where you choose 2 Main Dishes and 3 Sides or Salads from the following Menu. We will then prepare enough for 120 Guests and bring along your choices so your Guiests may choose for themselves on the day. Our staffs then serve the chosen dishes to each Guest when they may then choose to have the dish either in a Bun, over Fries, Nachos or in a Tortilla cone, so there is plenty of choice.

Guest then choose Sides & Salads, etch. A selection of Sauces such as BBQ, Ketchup, Chilli, Mayo, Mustard eth is always available. We will automatically bring the Vegetarian Option as well up to around 5% of the total numbers of Guests.

Pulled Pork

Smoked Low ’n’ Slow on the bone and finished with BBQ sauce, Saw & Pickle

St Louis Ribs

Smoked ‘fall off the bone’ tender and served with a Cider Sauce

Pork Loin

Slices of slow smoked Lean Pork Loin dressed with a Cider Sauce

Chicago Dogs

Authentic Imported Bratwurst in a bun with Traditional Chicago style dressing.

Beef Brisket

Again long smoked and either pulled or sliced on a bun with sauces

Smokehouse Chilli

Chunks of lean beef in a Chilli Sauce with Crispy Onion

Beef Sausage

Links of lean cut Beef sausage, slow smoked

Bourbon Chicken

Pieces of Chicken in a sweet/savoury Bourbon Sauce

Pulled chicken

Shredded Chicken with a Cider Sauce

Buffalo Wings

Meaty chicken vings smoked and in a sticky BBQ sauce

Carolina Slaw

Red & White Cabbage, Carrot, Red Onion & Cider Vinegar & Oil Dressing

Prairie Fries

Crispy French fries tossed in our Signature Dry Rub Spices

Spicy Corn

Sweet Corn tossed in Butter Oil and our Signature Dry Rub Spices

Chuck-Wagon Beans

A selection of beans in BBQ based Sauce, served hot,

Mixed Green Salad

Mixed Leaf dressed in a sweet Oil & Cider Vinegar Dressing

Bean Salad

A medley of beans peppers, Onion, marinated in sweet Oil & Cider Vinegar

Mexican Salad

(Pico de Gallo) tomato, Coriander, Red Onion, Jalapeno and line Juice

We will automatically include enough of this option over the above your three choices from main dishes.

Crispy Halloum

Served with a selection of our salads above

Chicken Goujons

Or Nuggets if you prefer to call them that.

Hot Dogs

Soft style Hot Dog sausage in a sub bun

New York Cheesecake

Dressed with fruit Coullis and Salted Caramel Spheres (@ 2.50 £ pp Extra)

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